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rack 1 corn smack combo peanut + corn

rack 1 corn smack combo peanut + corn

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Deer love corn, big bucks in particular. So we've upped our Big Game Peanut Butter menu by blending high-quality corn with whole peanuts to create a powerful attractant with intense aroma that will draw the big bucks in and keep them regularly coming back for more.

Whole corn kernels and whole peanuts are key ingredients in our secret Corn Smack formula that delivers tons of fat and protein and here's why. As fall – and rutting season – approaches deer, especially big bucks, are looking to pack on fat to provide energy so they can make it through the physically demanding breeding season and the tough winter months that follow.

Corn Smack produces a strong, persuasive scent stream that advertises the buffet is open and the high fat and protein content will have them returning for more. Use Corn Smack near cameras, feeding areas and shooting locations for consistent deer presence.

  • Protein-Packed: Loaded with protein to boost energy for breeding season and winter; Can be poured directly on the ground or mixed with other products
  • Unrivaled Fat Content: Whitetail naturally crave fat Georgia-Grown Peanuts Undeniable taste.
  • Zero Hulls. All real Georgia peanuts with whole corn kernels
  • Powerful Attractant: Long-range aroma attracts big game from miles away
  • 5 lb. Bag
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