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good boy gamblin | southern lifestyle

good boy gamblin | southern lifestyle

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The Good Ole' Boys are at it again!

Introducing this BRAND NEW and Iconic T-Shirt Design featuring Man's Best Friends seated around the card table, unwinding after a long days hunt!

These sharp party animals are taking a break from the huntin' season to throw all their trash talking’ n’ chips down on the table, hoping to go home claiming victory!

It's a ruff life for a country boy…or gurl, and these pups mean business. Playing their best paw, daring each other to fold, calling each other's ruff.

Should they up the ante, or go all-in? Go after it, or stay calm n' still? You call it, as these loyal canines and masters of scent tracking and retrieval put on their best Poker faces.

Them Dogs'll HUNT! So Go on, and grab this Hot New Design, because it's a full house Down South tonight, and these babies are going Fast!!!

• Made in United States • 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton • Care Instructions: Machine wash
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